Red Door Art Studio


“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.”Albert Einstein


Red Door Art Studio Art Classes for Adults and Children  Sunshine Coast

My name is Kat Woodland. I am a working Artist, Teacher, Intuitive Creative and Art Alchemist. Welcome to my art space. I have been waiting for you!

Here at Red Door Art Studio I teach ART from the HEART. In my classes, not only will you be shown how to create great art for yourself, it will also be drawn from YOURSELF as we tap into your own heart wisdom and it’s innate creative capacity as well as your deep intuition and the very quiet whisperings of your soul. This is Art that restores YOU to you.

My teachings are multi disciplinary and whether we are working in mixed media, painting, clay or even print making we will often journey into other terrains -meditation, oracle card guidance, crystal mandala’s, poetry, music, writing, ritual and ceremony and fun and play, all to support an amazing creative outcome.

Mission Statement

“I believe that we all possess inherent creative giftedness and given the opportunity, environment, gentle stimulus and guidance, one’s natural creative expression will flow freely, easefully, playfully and exuberantly. At Red Door Art Studio adults and children can experience of beauty of the Visual Arts and come to realise their maximum creative potential while accessing and expressing their own inherent giftedness, innate wisdom and heart felt intuition”