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Kat’s mixed media art classes are for students of all levels of abilities. They are easily achievable and offer a completely accessible step-by-step guided process.

Collage, paint, paint pens, stenciling, script, text and found objects are just some of the techniques and materials used in her multimedia approach.

Each finished work of art while appearing complex is actually created from several visual overlays all directed by the teacher but with enough scope to allow for individualisation and interpretation.

Work usually begins with energetically activating the canvas and by creating a portal for “inspiration” to move in and through the canvas. Next comes writing and infusing our intentions directly onto and into the canvas surface. We then proceed through the layering of symbol making, collage elements, wash layers, stenciled pattern making, building focal points and creating narrative’s, all the while listening deeply to our inner guidance system, responding intuitively and with heart, trust and ingenuity. This is not all serious! Through the making of our layered multimedia artwork we maintain and renew the sense that creating can be and should be fun, playful and even collaborative in nature.

Class numbers are kept small so that your experience is hands on and tailored to your specific requirements


Art as Alchemy

“A creative life is an amplified life. It’s a bigger life, a happier life, an expanded life, and a hell of a lot more interesting life. Living in this manner…continually and stubbornly bringing forth the jewels that lie hidden within you…is fine art, in and of its self” (Elizabeth Gilbert)

Want to re-kindle that spark of creativity and co-create a magnificent future for yourself? Come and join my one-day “Art as Alchemy” immersion in my beautiful hinterland studio at Ninderry on the Sunshine Coast.

During the course of the workshop I will take you on individually guided, easy, step-by-step meaningful pathways to not only make a work of great beauty and personal symbolism but also to simultaneously use this piece to create a catalytic energetic container for one beautiful perfect wish or desire for your life. During this class I will show you how to use image, word and intention to call in your dream as well as energetic techniques to activate your canvas and infuse your intentions into your creation so that your dreams and desires go out to work on your behalf!

This gorgeous, introspective, heartfelt journey will combine a red thread ceremony of connection, creative visualisation, intention setting and energy activation processes along with painting, collage, stencilling and mixed media elements.

“The courage to go on the hunt for the creative jewels buried deep inside us all is what separates a mundane existence from a more enchanted one”.


With all the uncertainty and unpredictability that has been 2020 do you ever just feel like breaking out, having fun, surrendering to spontaneity and cultivating joy through creative play? My “Wildflower Soul Garden” mixed media painting class will gift you with these magical experiences.

We begin our painting journey by randomly applying layer upon layer of colour, pattern and texture with non-conventional mark making, stamping, stencilling and collage techniques. Through this process of playful experimentation, our wildflowers will begin to emerge organically and naturally from the surface chaos and will be brought further to life by creating a contrasting neutral background.

As we work the canvas we will also be deep diving to gather the “seeds” of our brightest dreams and truest desires. These will be collaged into the painted surface and then energetically activated so that by the end of our journey we will have not only created an exquisite, joyful, spontaneous blossom painting, it will also become the catalytic container for the seeds of our future dreams. Let’s co-create, birth and grow a wonderful tomorrow.

Time to blossom and live full bloomed!

Full Course payment is required when booking a place.

Class fee : $295.00 Class fee includes all art materials. Canvas required.

Mixed Media Mandala

Come and join a beautiful group of like minded creatives for a weekend exploration of our souls deepest longings. This is a gorgeous introspective heartfelt journey where we combine a red thread ceremony of connection with meditation, Intention setting processes, essential oils, crystals, oracle cards, music, poetry and of course paint, collage, stencilling and mixed media elements. In these classes not only will we be creating art work of great beauty and symbolism, our canvases will also become portals and tools of focus for making manifest what we want to create in our lives through energy activating and Intention setting processes. If you’re feeling the Call, your Tribe is waiting! Come join us. No art experience required, just desire to play, create and connect.

Dates : 

Class time : 10.00 am – 4.00 pm each day

Class fee : $355.00 Class fee includes most materials and catered lunches. Canvas and collage paper required.

For inquiries contact or contact Katrina on 0413058307.

Mixed Media Mandala Workshop
Mixed Media Mandala Workshop
Mixed Media Mandala Workshop
Mixed Media Mandala Workshop
Mixed media Mandala Workshop