Red Door Art Studio

Painting Classes Sunshine Coast

At Red Door Art Studio you will learn how to create colourful, expressive, often multi layered paintings through a variety of painting techniques, through the elements of design and the principles of composition and through mark making using a variety of painting tools and equipment.

However, painting at Red Door Art Studio is more than just these foundation skills. At Red Door Art Studio you will learn to deepen your painting practice and at times to connect into your truest self through introspection and heartfelt inquiry, by following the thread of ones own story and by the intentional application of word and image. This is Art as Transformation. This is Art as Medicine and Art as Alchemy. Beautiful, bold, expressive, personal images through paint and story.

Each teaching block runs for five weeks with one three hour class per week. Class numbers are kept small so that your experience is hands on and tailored to your specific requirements.